Custom Designed Jewelry

The purpose of my designs began with one concept and one concept above all others: Functionality, to allow maximum comfort and balance to the design.

This is an 18 karat white gold baguette and round diamond band. The total diamond weight was 2.75 carats. The challenge in the making of this piece was that the customer's finger was so slim that everything she saw and tried on her finger was just too uncomfortable between her fingers. With a change of elevation in the overall band, comfort was achieved.

This woman had a deep love of rubies and she knew how she wanted the diamond to rise above the other diamonds. The challenge for me was her love for marquise rubies. Without the band getting too wide, I made a decision to angle the rubies and tuck them into one another. The picture does not do it justice but it turned out to be an eye opener for her. It was made 15 years ago and she still tells me how much she loves it.




This ring with a pear shape center diamond and matching side diamonds requires a perfect elevation of the side diamonds rising to the center diamond, yet, keeping the ring low to the finger line.
Many diamond name plates are done, however, this one is unique. With the help of an engineer, I designed each letter to move independent of the other. This allows the name to remain in position on the neckline. There is no visual notice of this. It is all done in the mechanism.

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