Life's Turns

I would like to tell you that this enterprise was my intention, but it was not. The road took a turn in 1981 when I went to work for a retail jeweler in Houston, Texas. The next 3 years I gained valuable experience, a knowledge of buying, and the daily operations of running a few stores.

As I worked, I began to establish a customer base. In 1984, in a partnership, I felt going upstairs and off the street, would allow a more private environment and sense of security. We opened in a bank building and it was called "Upstairs Jewelers". In 1994, I realized that my customers wanted to deal only with me. Hence, the birth of Wholesale Diamond & Design.

I have designed many objet d'art over the years. One of those inspirations now exists as a beautiful store in the heart of the Galleria here in Houston. That was in 2000. I designed an office and a showroom at the Jewelry Center here in Houston. The jewelry I design is conceptual. What I have to do is take you on a journey to what I know already exists in my mind. I love your input to a point. I do not duplicate my designs.

I have dealt with the same vendors for 25 years. I met them during the time I was buying for other jewelry stores. They have never given me a reason to doubt them. They have my loyalty.

Often I don't actually meet my customers. They live all over the world. With the technology today I am able to take them through the stages of the design. I will ask many questions along the way. I want you happy.

I don't consider any sale too small. Every single sale to me is important, but above all, I am dedicated to go the distance to meet all of your requirements.

My customer is everything to me. With deep appreciation to my customers, thank you for all that you have done for me. It is because of you that my dream goes on......

Patricia Nathan