When I decided to ask Jenny to marry me, I had in mind a ring that was as unique and beautiful as she was to me – and I knew the only way to achieve that vision was to have the ring custom designed. For that task, we came to Patricia Nathan of Wholesale Diamond and Design and we are so glad we did. For we only had the vision, while Patricia had all the expertise and practical know-how to turn our vision into reality. The process was incredibly streamlined, starting with the diamond selection. We knew the shape and general size of the stone we wanted, and Patricia went to work searching for the highest quality stones for our price range. All we had to do was show up at her office and make our selection….so simple and no pressure, with each of the stones she pre-selected being absolutely stunning. After finalizing on the perfect stone, we moved on to the custom setting design. Jenny had in mind a unique three-ring set with a very simple white gold engagement ring and rose gold bands with Egyptian engravings to commemorate her Egyptian parental heritage. Patricia was able to take Jenny’s vision and, following 3D CADD renderings and wax mold fittings, turn it into a complete setting that took our breath away from the moment she placed it on her finger. Every aspect of the stone is perfect, the ring design is perfect, the process was perfect….what else can we say? Thanks so much, Patricia, for helping make the symbol our lifetime commitment to each other so uniquely….well….perfect!

Scott Paden and Jenny Youssef ......

I have been dealing with Patricia Nathan for over 10 years. She has designed every piece of jewelry that I own for over 10 years and has been a part of handling my families business for over 20 years. Her knowledge and experience is just a little piece of what makes the transactions seamless. She handles each transaction that I have ever had from her heart. She makes you feel like you are the most important customer and that what you are looking for is the most important piece of jewelry, no matter the size or price. I have not ever bought outside of Patricia because the integrity, trust and quality of her business, it is first class. No matter when I call and what I need, it is always perfect. She is the best in the business in my opinion and I would not know what to do without her!!!!!!!!!

Tiffany S. Lawrence......

When the time came for me to choose my engagement ring, the ring that I wanted was much too expensive. So I shopped around for someone to try andmake something similar to what I liked, but for a price I could afford.

Patricia came highly recommended by a coworker and I called her. She was extremely patient and knowledgeable with me throughout the process andanswered all my questions immediately.

The engagement ring that Patricia made for me is the most beautiful ring Ihave ever seen. I am so pleased with it that I am having her do our bands as well. I get so many compliments by people, especially saying that they had never thought about having something custom made. I think people have the notion that it is too expensive, but not with Patricia! She will work with you on anything!

I will always go back to Patricia with all my jewelry needs.

Catalina Naoim ..... California

1995 was a big year in my life. Moving back to Houston, Texas and getting engaged all in the same year. What's neat is how I purchased my wife's diamond engagement ring. It was based on a personal reference from one of my good customers. He and his wife had been a customer of Patricia Nathan's for quite some time, and gave me her name as a dependable, honest, and reliable source for high quality diamonds. I still remember meeting with Patricia in her office on the top of Sharpstown mall and later seeing the ring for the first time at her home in River Oaks. Imagine buying a diamond out of someone's home! This was very unorthodox for me, but I was at total ease with Patricia. Never once did I not trust Patricia to get us the best quality diamond at the best possible price. She still tells me today, what a good deal I got! Since 1995 I have purchased all of my wife's jewelry, with the exception of a few designer pieces that Patricia does not represent, and all of our watches, to include brands such as Rolex, Ebel, Jaeger Le Coultre, and Patek. Patricia has always come through in a pinch, and makes you feel like one of her own. She is the best. I highly recommend that you experience this unique level of service which is rarely seen in our world today! Good luck and enjoy Patricia....who is now an extended part of our family!

Jeff Borgan....

I can't go anywhere without someone commenting on my bridal set. It doesn't matter where I am. I can be shopping or surrounded by the wives of successful doctors and lawyers. Everyone comments on how gorgeous my rings are. I have to say that I am still admiring it daily, and I have been married for 5 years now. I have never seen a ring sparkle like mine. I discussed what I like most about diamonds with Patricia. I like the fire and sparkle, and she really delivered. Her expert knowledge helped me to design a custom setting that would achieve the best look for the diamonds I selected. My bridal set took some time, but it was well worth the wait. When other married women stop to look at your ring......there is no better confirmation. I will continue to buy my jewelry from Patricia because I know it will be quality. Thank you Patricia!

Holley ....

My husband and I were introduced to Patricia over the phone nine years ago to help find a diamond and design my wedding ring. I told her I wanted a trillion shaped diamond as my main stone. I also told her what type of shape of a ring that looked the best on my hand. With just that little bit of information she designed an unbelievable, unique, gorgeous ring. She found the most perfect 3k trillion stone at a fantastic price. Because of the way she designed the ring, my 3k trillion looks more like a 5k stone!!! Everyday I get a compliment on my ring, asking me how big is that stone. Through the years I have needed to get repairs done on the setting and go into panic mode. Once I speak to her she always puts me at ease. With her many years of experience, her knowledge of the steps needed to secure a safe and easy process for the repairs, I no longer panic as bad as I did before. Through the whole process of sending the ring and getting it back Patricia was right there for me with constant communication.

I highly recommend Patricia if you want the best quality, the most unique design, if you want unbelievable professionalism, if you want knowledgeable & caring service and if you want to experience her charming southern personality.

Thank you again Patricia

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hodnett.... California

This letter is my recommendation to anyone onsidering the purchase of any kind of diamond jewelry. I have done business with Ms. Nathan excelsively for the last ten years. I have found her to be a pillar of honesty and possess the utmost concern for her clients. MY wife and I have done some comparative shopping and have never been able to match the quality and price she offers! Her word is her bond, and can be relied upon to provide rapid and accurate delivery of any agreed upon merchandise. I found her by word of mouth, and the Kudos were completely justified! She will continue to be "our Jeweler"!


Craig D. Heilman
UPS 757-767 First Officer
18 Feb 2014